Life Savers

Our integrated ONEcare networks bring behavioral health, primary care, hospitals, social care providers, and payers together to “Save Lives, One Population at a Time.” Our population health management services and technology improve outcomes for everyone by identifying diseases early, prioritizing care, and building trust.

The Challenge

Healing. It’s the reason hospitals, providers, and payors exist. That may sound straightforward, and it is. But that doesn’t make it easy. When behavioral health challenges are part of the equation – and they often are – patients and providers may find themselves in an endless loop. Lack of access to primary care and mental health resources leads to health events that drive patients into already-crowded emergency rooms. A shortage of behavioral health resources often means those patients can’t get the care they need at the hospital or can’t get it quickly post-discharge. Without good connections, behavioral health providers don’t have access to patients in need. The patients suffer. The systems suffer. Nobody wins.

The Solution

Our Integrated Systems of Care (ISCs) connect all parties for mutual benefit – so everybody wins. Patients get the care they need. Providers get paid for the services they provide. Emergency rooms and other resources are kept available for other needs. Everybody succeeds when they work together in a ONEcare network.
Hospitals/Health Systems

  • Timely access to behavioral health care for patients. Urgent appointments typically occur within 48 hours; routine appointments within seven days.
  • 52% Reduction in 30-Day all-cause readmission rates.
  • Over 250,000 Inpatient Bed Days Avoided so far for 2022.
  • Streamlined discharge planning; ONEcare will help navigate all patients to their most appropriate aftercare program.
  • Increased staff satisfaction.

Primary Care Providers

  • PCP partners enjoy 2-3 week priority appointments. Same day urgent care appointments are available in certain areas.
  • Closed loop communications: Collaborative Care Notes are returned after first appointment and at each treatment assessment.
  • Improved screening: ONEcare partners monitor both behavioral health and primary care symptomology during and in-between visits.

Payors/Managed Care Organizations

  • Improved quality measure performance through better outcomes.
  • Lower medical spend on emergency departments, inpatient medical, inpatient behavioral health, and long-term care.
  • Focus on complex co-morbid populations that need an integrated care team.
  • Expanded value-based purchasing into specialty populations.
  • Accelerated performance of existing provider network.

Behavioral Health/Integrated Care Organizations

  • Access to value-based payments that incentivize wellness and crisis reduction.
  • Participation in a provider-governed clinically integrated network granting control over system-of-care decisions like best practice, care management, patient engagement, and gain share distribution.
  • Time-share best-in-class population health analytics, technology, contracting, and management services to differentiate your organization in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Network scale to attract equitable partnerships with health systems, MCOs, primary care, specialists, and social care organizations.
  • Improved member satisfaction and data to support health outcomes.


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